Here at Manor Care Homes we believe that living with a learning disability should not stop someone from enjoying an active life. We assist our service users to get out and about in the local community.

We offer a varried array of activities for our service users so that they enjoy their time spent with us

Drama, dance, art and music

A person with learning difficulties may find it tough to communicate with others and this may lead to frustration. A person with a learning disability will experience the same emotions as anyone else, but may not be able to express them.

By giving someone a creative outlet we are able to help them to express how they're feeling. This in turn can help them to more aware of what they're feeling and become more self-aware. It can alsohelp to build independence, autonomy and self-esteem.

Going to music, dance, art or drama classes can also help teach a person with learning disabilities how to follow instructions and allow them to interact with others.

Exercise and sport

As with any person, exercise and sport is an import part of life. Exercising or playing a sport is a great way to stay fit and healthy while being in a fun environment. In turn, social skills may also be improved. We try to encourage our support workers to participate and even arrange days out.

Places to go

There are a number of different venues and events in the local area that Manor Care Homes use. These offer a vast range of fun activities and often provide education and learning opportunities, such as teaching skills for independent.


Another fun activity for someone with a learning disability could be to learn a new skill. We try to encourage our service users to learn new skills so that they are better eqipped for daily living.