Supported Living

Supported Living is a new service offered by Manor Care Homes Ltd. Highly trained staff are available to support service users within their own home, promoting independence, developing basic living skills, providing personal care and supporting them in the community. Our services are tailored to each individual person and we make sure that service users are at the centre of the service we provide. Our aim is to meet their needs and aspirations and help them live life to the full.

Our service provides support for:

  • People who are on the autistic spectrum
  • People with learning disabilities who also have mental health needs
  • People with learning disabilities and sensory impairments
  • People with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD)

Our supported living services come in all shapes and sizes to suit each individual person. Individuals may want to live on their own or share a place with others. Individuals may need support a few hours a day, for personal care or making meals, perhaps – or they may need support 24 hours a day.

Supported living is different from residential care. Individuals are a home owner or tenant in their own right. This means they are responsible for their own bills and cost of living, which are usually paid by the benefits they receive and can be topped up by any wage they earn through employment.

Managing individual’s money within the budget they have available is important. We will help our service users to understand the different ways we can support them and how these can be funded. Our aim will always be to support service users in their home to live as independently as possible and enable them to use assistive technology to help them achieve this.

Our services meet the standards as set by the Care Quality Commission.

Manor Care Homes Ltd, do not provide accommodation for service users, but do have links to local private landlords to find a home that will suit your needs.


The fees charged by Manor Care Homes are based on an hourly rate and sleeper nights (if required). Fees are reviewed annually.

The amount of hours is decided by Social Services when a Needs Assessment Matrix is completed prior to the Service User taking up Manor Care Homes services.

Other Costs

Utility bills are shared by all tenants residing together. When & how household bills are paid is decided and agreed during house meetings and are stated within private tenancy agreements with the building’s landlord.

Food is the responsibility of the Service User, it can be discussed during house meetings if the Service User's wish to share the expense or be responsible for their own shop. This will be identified in the individual support plans.

Service User's are expected to pay Manor Care Homes travel expenses including parking expenses for private journeys at 35 pence per mile. This cost will be shared between all Service User’s who take the journey i.e. day trips, hospital appointments etc

Staff Accompany Charges

If a staff member accompanies Service User's on holidays, day trips, hospital appointments etc, Service User's are expected to pay staff travel expenses, accommodation and insurance. This will be shared equally between attending Service User's.